1.Q: Is it safer to leave the TV in standby mode when not in use or just completely turn it off (no LED lit on the front panel)?
A: There is very little electricity consumption when Leave the unit in Standby Mode. If you are going away for an extended period of time, we recommend pulling the AC plug from the wall outlet.
2.Q: I forgot the password for the Parental Control. How can I do?
A: You can press the MENU button on the Remote repeatedly until the TV displays the SYSTEM index, to adjust it , press the ←/→ button to select the sub-menu. then press the ↑/↓ button to highlight the PARENTAL GUIDE (provide it has been preset) and use the Channel Number buttons to enter the initial pass code 6688. PARENTAL GUIDE ON switches to the PARENTAL GUIDE OFF mode.
3. Q: My TV have a blank screen with a red key on the bottom left, How can I unlock it?
A: You only need to simply press the F button and the mute button on the Remote at the same time. This will unlock the screen and allow you to view the channel as desired.
4. Q: I lost the remote, and cannot find a universal that supports Changhong TV sold in the America. Can I purchase one through you?
A: You may purchase a remote control from FDM company which is our after Service center in America by calling 001 734 458 5200 or emailing them at eppler@factorydirectmarketing.com Or you could ask your Local retailer about a "Learning" Universal remote control that does no require special codes.
5. Q: My TV is no picture also no sound, Which should I check?
A: 1. Check if the power cord is plugged in or not.
2. Check if the MAIN POWER SWITCH IS pressed or not.
3. Check if the levels of CONTRAST, BRIGHT and VOLUME are set to minimum.
6. Q: The picture of my TV is normal but there is no sound, Which should I check?
A: 1. Check if the TV is in the MUTE mode or the volume is minimum.
2. Check if the sound system is correct.
7. Q: There is no color on my TV, but the sound is normal, Which should I check?
A: Check if the chroma is set to minimum.
8. Q: The picture is with stripes and the sound is with the noise on my TV, Which should I check?
A: Check if the TV set is interfered by electric waves from automobiles, motors, neon lights, etc.
9. Q: The picture is with snow and the sound is with noise on my TV, Which should I check?
A: 1. Check the antenna cable.
2. Check the antenna direction.
10. Q: The picture is with ghost picture and the sound is normal on my TV, Which should I check?
A: Check the antenna direcdtion.
11. Q: The picture is unclear picture and the sound is normal or weak on my TV, Which should I check?
A: Preset channels again.
12. Q: The picture is with spots and the sound is normal on my TV, how can I do?
A: Color TV is easily affected by magnetism which lead to color distortion. If your TV is moved or affected by near magnetic components or appliances with power on, please turn off your TV for at least 1 hour. The built-in auto-degaussing circuit will eliminate the magnetism interference.
13. Q: The Remote Controller doesn’t work.
A: Check the batteries are exhausted or if the installation is correct..
14. Q: The player does not respond to the Remote Control for their DVD&VCR. How can I do?
A: 1.Check if the power plug is connected to an AC outlet.
2.Check the batteries in the Remote control.
3.Aim the Remote Control directly at the remote sensor. If necessary, remove all the obstacles between the sensor and the Remote.
4.You have to be within 7m of the player.
15. Q: On my DVD&VCR, The LED no playtime display.
A:. 1.Check if the player is in VCR mode or DVD mode.
2.Check if the player is in counter status. Press the COUNTER/CLOCK button to switch.
16. Q: On my DVD&VCR, The timer recording failure.
A:. 1.Make sure the timer recording is set correctly.
2.Make sure power is off.
3.Make sure the DVD/VCR clock is set correctly.
17. Q: My VCR cannot go into Record mode.
A: Make sure the tape has a safety tab. If needed, cover the hole with cellophane tape.
18. Q: The playback picture is partially noisy on My VCR.
A: Adjust tracking control for a better picture by pressing the TRACKING+/-button.
19. Q: On My VCR. I cannot view a tape but the audio is OK.
A: Head cleaning may be necessary.
20. Q: On My DVD. The playback picture has occasional distortion.

A: 1.A small amount of picture distortion may appear because of a poor quality video/sound transfer to disc. This is especially true of some discs manufactured between 1997-1998.
2.Scratched disc.
21. Q: On My DVD. The brightness is unstable or noises are produced on playback pictures.
A: Connect the player directly through the TV and not through any other source. What you’re viewing is the effect of the cope protection circuitry required on all DVD players.
22. Q: On My DVD&VCR. The Combo player does not start playback.
A: 1.Place the disc with the graphics side up.
2.Place the disc on the disc tray correctly inside the guide.
3.Make sure the disc is free from scratches & fingerprints.
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