Pocket type Ni-Cad RECHARGEABLE battery

Changhong pocket type Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries are designed to meet different discharge requirements. They are classified into three types KPH type (High discharge rate cells), KPM (Medium discharge rate cells) and KPL type (Low discharge rate cells). These batteries conform to IEC 60623, KS standard, CE standard and other International standards.

Changhong pocket type Ni-Cad battery are widely used as emergency back-up power supply for railway and rolling stock (crossing guards, lighting, signaling, communication and pantograph lifting), UPS systems﹑AGV, Solar photovoltaic system, petrochemical, oil &gas, utility and electricity industries (Emergency lighting & control equipment, offshore platform, cathodic protection for pipeline),


Withstand physical and mechanical abuses
Exceptionally long service life : more than 20 years
Wide operating temperature range from -40'C~60'C.
Convenience for installation and low maintenance
No emission of corrosive gases, Safe from flame & explosion

These are recommendations only. There are variables that may require alterations to these dimensions. Specifications subject to change without notice. Selections, offers and programs may vary by country; contact CHANGHONG overseas business department for complete details.

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