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Changhong and Baidu jointly promoting smart phone

On May 15, Baidu and Changhong joinly promoted the smart phone with price less than 1000
RMB. The smart phone is manufactured in OEM by Foxconn and custom-made by Unicom company, its Changhong model No is H5018, the basic frequency is 650MHz.

Changhong smart phone H5018 is carried with Baidu cloud intelligent terminal platform, built-in with many application programs, like Baidu Map, Baidu Brower, Baidu Ting etc, preset 100G net-disc space dilatation and supplied with free downloads of millions of formal and genuine music. And Changhong H5018 even has voice searching function. 

Regarding its configuration, Changhong smart phone has 650 MHz processor, 3.5 inch screen, 300 M pixel camera, 1400mAh battery capacity, support dual SIM card stand-by GSM and Micro-SD expansion, the maximum extended memory can be reached 32GB.

Foxconn undertakes the production of Changhong H5018 smart phone. The production of phone body is adopted the technology of integral forming with depth of only 10.3mm. The weight of H5018 is 110g, with white, yellow and red color available.

At the end of last year, Baidu announced that it would engage in the mobile market and its first cooperation partner was Dell, the mobile phone model No was D43 with price of 2999 RMB, which was positioning in medium and high-end market.


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