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Changhong: 3D alliance with Samsung
Changhong as one of the largest CE manufacturer is part of 3D alliance.
The other 5 alliance partners are: Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and Haier.
The six companies, which accounted for 90 percent of the Chinese 3D TV market last year, agreed that the active shutter glasses format is the best technology for a full high-definition, 3D experience, while vowing to expand their presence with the format, Samsung said.
There are two kinds of 3D technology in use: active shutter glasses and passive polarized glasses. The key difference is that while the former creates a sense of depth by sending visual information to each eye sequentially, the latter does so by sending visual information to both eyes simultaneously.
For viewers, the active format offers clear and high resolution images but it could cause dizziness and the glasses are heavier and pricier. In contrast, the passive format is less likely to cause dizziness and the glasses are lighter and cheaper but offers a relatively less-clear 3D experience.

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