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CHANGHONG Air-conditioners Sales Boom
Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. sold 1.58 million units of air-conditioners home and aboard in the first seven months of this year. Once again CHANGHONG Air-conditioner keeps performing like a black horse after debutting into the AC business. The sharply rise of CHANGHONG air-condition's market share can be attributed to the improvement of marketing techniques since last year. At the beginning of the reform, besides established a marketing company, CHANGHONG Air-conditioner organized a professional refrigeration sales team, and set up 25 marketing management centers and two joint venture distributions through the country.

Early this year, CHANGHONG Air-conditioner signed sales agreements with several big chain stores for taking full advantages of mainstream channel resources to escalate CHANGHONG brand image and market shares in large and middle cities. At the same time, CHANGHONG AC also committed to develop the tertiary and quaternary markets. At Present, CHANGHONG AC has subdivided the 25 marketing management centers into 46, aiming to better regulate the regional markets and better serve CHANGHONG sales agents and customers at all levels as well.


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