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On July.12, 2004, Changhong formally announced to join the IGRS (Intelligent Grouping & Resource Sharing) at the 6th China Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair. President Zhao Yong and Vice-chairman Zheng Guangqing attended the signature ceremony. After joining the IGRS, Changhong will perfect the industry chain of IGRS, promote the industrial process of the criteria and enhance its information home appliance industry with the accumulated powerful R & D capacity and market promotion capacity in the field of the information home appliance industry. Meanwhile, Changhong's HDTV was awarded “the Excellent Product “at the Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair.

On Oct.12, 2004, the technology center of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp was awarded “the Excellent Achievement Prize” by the National Development and Reform Commission.

On Oct.11, 2004, an enterprises' delegation, headed by German Federation senator Sinham, paid a visit to Changhong. The guests received warm welcome from the Changhong Secretary & Vice-president LiuTibin. In the Science & Technology showroom, the guests gave a high appraise of Changhong's products and especially asked particular questions about the lately marketing DLP TVs, LCD TVs and the technology、applicable environment、price and sales situation of the Center air-conditioner. The delegation thought highly of the performance of Changhong's products in the European market. In order to promote the market promotion and brand penetrating of Changhong in Germany and even the whole Europe, both parties expressed that they would not only strengthen the bilateral trade, but also deeply communicate and cooperate in the fields of capital、elites、technology and etc.

On Oct.10, 2004, president Zhao Yong met the coming President and Chairman Lu Guoji of Minsheng Industry Co., Ltd. During the recent years, Minshen has kept a good cooperation relationship with Changhong in goods' logistics. During the visiting, both parties communicated and discussed the problems on how to decrease the product's consuming and the comprehensive transport cost and etc. Lu Guoji hoped that they could deeply cooperate with Changhong and provided a first-class service for Changhong's development and market expansion.

On Oct.10,2004,after the fierce competition among the twelve IT companies and home appliance companies, the purchasing orders for the largest-scale bidding for far-way education project—the demonstrating project of rural middle schools and primary schools in Sichuan province has been signed at Taicheng hotel in Chengdu. The bided order for Changhong's 8864 sets of 34”color TVs and 5927 sets of DVD was the biggest one. On that day, the Vice General Manager, Wu Jiang, on behalf of Changhong signed the purchase order with the provincial educational bureau. Changhong's color TV and DVD has won the bidding for the Guangxi's during the same period; Changhong DVD gradually won the following biddings in Huhehaote、Changchun、Shenyang and Shijiazhuang and etc.

On Oct. 9,2004, vice-premier Huang Ju paid a first visit to Changhong for the first time. President Zhao Yong and General Manager Wang Fengchao warmly welcomed them and showed them to the Changhong Science & Technology Showroom and the production lines. Vice-premier Huang showed a great interest in Changhong HDTV、LCD、PDP and individual Internet TV、Game TV、Electric Aquarium TV and Cartoon DVD TV and etc,. He gave a high appraise of HD's picture and the sound effect of the DLP TV. He was also satisfied with the progress of diversity in Changhong CTV、Air-conditioner and etc. During this visit, Vice-premier Huang also epigrapher and did the group photo with Changhong's new leader group and employees.

On Dec.4, 2004, a delegation of more than 80 persons from Xinhua News Agency Chongqing sub-agency paid a visit to Changhong. They were warmly welcomed by the Changhong vice secretary Yang Xunjun. They showed great interest in Changhong's development history、R & D of new products and the exploit of the overseas market. Also, they expressed that they would pay more attention to Changhong、propagandizing Changhong in order to bring more people to know Changhong and enjoy Changhong's products of excellent quality and good service.

During the period of China's National Vocations, the market promotion campaign of “Changhong shines in October, cultivating a new generation of digital class” was put into action in the whole country.

On Oct.1,2004, Changhong President Zhao Yong、Chairman Wang Fengchao and other leaders went to key market areas to make the on-the-spot signature and sell Changhong's products. The campaign achieved a great success in the whole country.

On Sept.28, 2004, president Zhao Yong signed 5 separate contracts with Shanghai Zhaohua Science & technology Co., Ltd、COSCO、Guangzhou Jinfa Co., ltd and etc 5 companies covering IT、transport、chemical material and specialty components manufacturing. The quantities and the covering fields of the contracts have created the history of the domestic home appliance industry. Therefore, with the background of Shanghai and Guangdong, 5 companies, which cooperated with Changhong, settled in Mianyang High-Tech Park.

On Sept.21, 2004, accompanied by Ma Hua, the vice secretary of Mianyang and Qian Pengxiao, the vice mayor of Mianyang municipal government, headed by Huang Xiaoxiang, the Vice-governor of Sichuan province, the concerning leaders from the Dept. of Trust、Revenue、Customs、Foreign trade and Commerce and etc. President Zhao Yong、Chairman Wang Fengchao and Secretary Liu Tibing of Changhong gave report of the company's operation conditions in recent period. The Vice-governor Huang was very satisfied with the development of Changhong's reform and operation situation and thought highly of the reform of Changhong's operation mechanism.

On Sept.21, 2004, He Zhiqiang, the vice-president of Lenovo and Vice-director of Lenovo' research institution, and Sun Yuning, the Director of the IGRS team paid a visit to Changhong and warmly communicated with Vice-chairman Zheng Guangqing and other relating technicians. Mr. He Zhiqiang believed that Changhong enjoyed a powerful R & D capacity and had a tremendous potential in the information home appliance industry. Mr. He cordially invited Changhong to join the IGRS team so as to promote and fasten the industrial process of IGRS' technology and share the technical resources and achievements of the information home appliance industry.

On Sept.20, 2004, the promotion campaign with the subject of “Changhong shines in October, cultivating a new generation of digital class” was launched during the whole country. The campaign which promoted HDTV、HD projection TV and Digital LCD captured the eyes of many customers.

On Sept.19, 2004, the 2004 China Conference of Enterprise Competition jointly hosted by China Social & Science Academy and China Business was held in Beijing. The survey report of the competition of China's listed home appliance companies was publicized on this conference. Changhong、Haier and TCL were on the list of the top 10 of the competition among China's listed home appliance companies. Meanwhile, Changhong ranked 20 among the most competitive listed companies.

On Sept.17,2004, Sanyo technical director Mr.Tanka and Mr.Shigeta,the proprietor of the Sanyo semi-conductor company paid a visit to Changhong. They received warm welcome from the first Vice-Chairman Liu Tibin and the Vice-chairman Zheng Guangqing. The technicians of both parties had a warm communication about the digital、network、information、panel and wireless transmit and etc. They looked forward to an even extensive discussion and cooperation in the realm of technology、transaction、capital and etc and they would keep on supplying excellent components and service to Changhong.

On Sept.16,2004, Panasonic held a new products demonstration of MTPD/BMCC in Changhong and had a friendly communication with the related R & D technicians of Changhong about the technology of MTPD、PRT、loop design、CRT how to face the coming of the HDTV、CRT's outlook and development in the future. Vice-president Liu Tibin、MTPD proprieter Mr. Tastuo Tobinaga and BMCC Chairman Mr.Yokohakvra addressed separately. All of them hoped that they could have an even closer relationship with Changhong and make progress together.

On Sept.15,2004, “Changhong evening—care for and provide legal help for peasant workers, large-scale charity evening party “ held by the judiciary and the provincial government, specially sponsored by Changhong put on performance in the provincial gymnasium. In the party, the Judiciary honored Changhong as the “Civilization and Credibility Enterprise of China”. It was reported that Changhong's charity embodied its support of the fair of the justice and the care for the poor people. As a result, thousands of millions of people and consumers deeply recognized Changhong.

On Sept.10,2004, headed by Tim ,the British consul general to Chongqing, the delegation composing of the six famous companies including British PTL、PQL and etc paid a visit to Changhong. After visiting the Changhong Science & Technology Showroom and the production lines of Rear projection TV, the delegation had a warm technical communication with President Zhao Yong and Vice-chairman Zheng Guangqing and principals from the related departments. They thought highly of Changhong's R & D capacity and manufacturing capacity. Also, they looked forward to an even closer relationship with Changhong in the field of panel display technology.

On Sept.10, headed by Mr.Kunita,the general representative of Toshiba in China and President of Toshiba in China, the delegation paid a visit to Changhong and received a warm welcome from President Zhao Yong. Mr.Kunita thought highly of Changhong' reform of operation mechanism and optimization of the flow. He said that it took 10 years to establish the new mechanism of Toshiba, but Changhong did it only for 2 months and achieved many successes in many fields. Also, he said that they looked forward to an even closer cooperation with Changhong in more extensive realms and hoped that both parties could benefit from the cooperation.

On Sept.10,2004, headed by Wang Chenan, the vice director of foreign-aided department of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the delegation of the officials from the economic administration of Angora、Mozambique、Portugal and etc. paid a visit to Changhong. Accompanied by the secretary Liu Tibin, the guests visited the Changhong Science & Technology Showroom with great passion and had a deep impression of Changhong's powerful R & D capacity and abundant home appliance products.

On Sept.8, 2004, President Zhao Yong on behalf of Changhong and Wei Jiafu on behalf of COSCO signed the strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties would have a deeper cooperation in the fields of international transport、logistics、service、information and etc.

On Sept.8, 2004, Sichuan Changhong Electron Science & Technology Development Co. was established on the basis of the merger of the state-run 756 factory and the state-run 780 factory. President Zhao Yong and Secretary Liu Tibin and the military representative attended the ceremony. This new company will be responsible for the R& D、production、sale and after-sale service of Changhong's military products.

On Sept.4,2004,headed by the senato Ms. Kobuchi,the Japanese Youth delegation which was composed of young people from different fields paid a visit to Changhong. They visited the Changhong Science & Technology showroom with great passion and they thought highly of Changhong's powerful Science & Technology capacity and the advanced technology .of production. Also, they were greatly interested in Changhong's Projection TV、Cartoon TV and Monitoring System.

In Sept.2004, Changhong Projection TV、LCD TV and Air-conditioner were appraised as three of Chinese Brand Products by State Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine. At the same time, Changhong CRT、Projection TV、LCD TV and hanging Air-conditioner and the ark Air-conditioner got the qualification for exempt of the inspection of the State General Bureau of Quality Inspection.

In Sept.2004, with the excellent performance and perfect service, the brand of Changhong central air-conditioner was honored as “the Consumer's First Choice of Famous brands” by the Famous Brand and Market Strategy Institution of China Management Science Academy and Department of Market Operation and Regulation of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

In Sept.2004, Changhong successfully developed the CH130 emergent power-supplying storage battery for the helicopter and passed the appraisal of experts.

On Aug.27, 2004, Gan Daoming, the vice secretary of the provincial government and the secretary of Sichuan provincial state-run assets office, Huang Xuejiu, the secretary of the Mianyang Municipal government, Jiang Renfu, the vice secretary and mayor of Mianyang Municipal government came to Changhong to handle official businesses. After hearing the report of Changhong's operation situation from Jan. to July by President Zhao Yong, the leaders from the provincial government and the municipal government were satisfied with the developing situation of Changhong. Also, they gave affirmation to the realistic attitude of Changhong's new leader group.

On Aug.24, 2004, headed by the General Manager of Carrefour in the middle and west areas Lv Zhongli, the delegation of Carrefour's Dept. of Commodities、Home appliance and Dept. of foreign communication paid a visit to Changhong. They received a warm welcome from the Chairman Wang Fengchao of Changhong. The sales of Changhong doubled every year since the cooperation with Carrefour. Changhong Color TV、Projection Tv、Air-conditioner、A/V products have been the main stream of Carrefour's sales. Mr. Lv said that they could keep on cooperating with Changhong and help Changhong to expand to the overseas market. He also hoped that both parties could benefit from the friendly cooperation

On Aug.20, 2004, the Conference of the First China Enterprise' Publication & the Forum of the China Enterprise Culture Elites was held in Beijing. After the appraisal of China Enterprise Culture and Beijing Huanya Enterprise Culture Institution, “Changhong newspaper” was honored as “one of the top 100 Excellent Enterprise Publications” and highly praised during the conference.

On Aug.19, 2004, Changhong signed a contract with Beijin Gehua Culture Development Group concerning the biggest order of DVB in the domestic market. Plus the previous quantity, the number rose up to 100,000 sets. Since the demonstrating play of the digital TV in Beijing, Changhong had sold the first batch of 30,000 sets of digital satellite receivers which were warmly welcomed and acknowledged by the users in Beijing for its good quality、reliable performance and very low repairing ratio.

On Aug.16,2004,on the Mobilization Conference of the Reform of Operation Mechanism, President Zhao and General Manager Wang made important directions to the import、aim and key points. They asked the subordinate departments to ”launch a campaign for discussion of the reform of Changhong's operation mechanism, drive the big release of the employee's thoughts and facilitate the boom of the company's productivity”. Up to now, an unprecedented change in the reform of operation mechanism has taken place in Changhong. Headed by President Zhao Yong, the new team of leaders was striving to establish a new inside administration structure and operating system of market, adjust the framework of the organization, thoroughly change the “LocomotiveEngine Mode”, establish the “Joint Fleet Mode” and accelerate promoting the operation efficiency of Changhong.

In Aug.2004, Changhong environment-friendly battery was honored as one of the 10 top brands in the national Quality Notarizing for Environment Protection Battery.

In Aug.2004, headed by President Mr.Kunzta,the delegation from Shanghai Technical Center of Sanken L.D. Electric Co., Ltd. Mr.Kunzta placed much emphasis on the strategic cooperation relationship with Changhong. He said that Sanken would give more support to Changhong in service. Also, he looked forward to an even closer relationship with Changhong in the R & D of new products.

In Aug.2004, the Dept. of Estate Management which employees reflected strongly was rectified. This Dept. also transparently employed the new manager by means of public competition for the position、professional evaluating and on-the-spot TV answering questions. This recruitment was an important policy of the new leader group and it was also a symbol of the practice and innovation of Changhong's internal personnel management system.

On Aug.12, 2004, Changhong's temporary shareholder's meeting in 2004 was held in Mianyang. “The proposal about Mr. Ni Runfeng Resigning from the position of President and Director”, “the proposal about Electing Mr. Zhao Yong as new President of Changhong”, “the proposal about Rectifying the Rules of Changhong” were passed during the meeting. In this meeting, shareholders agreed to appoint Mr. Zhao Yong as the new President and agreed on the resignation of Mr. Ni Runfeng. On the same day, Mr. Zhao Yong was appointed as tnew President and Mr. Liu Tibin the new Vice-president during the 17th session of the 5th Meeting of Board of Directors.

On Aug.10, 2004, headed by Director Li Xiaopei, the comrades of the Information-based Project Great Project management Office of Manufacturing industry of State Ministry of Science and Technology paid a visit to Changhong and did investigation and research on the information construction of Changhong. Chairman Wang Fengchao gave a report of Changhong's information construction to them. Li Xiaopei believed that it was encouraging that Changhong had made so many achievements on information construction.

On Aug.6, 2004, Wen Jiabao, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of State Council, inspected Changhong. They received warm welcome from Changhong's President Zhao Yong、Chairman Wang Fengchao、Secretary Liu Tibin and Managing Deputy secretary of Party Committee of Changhong Yang Xunjun and etc. They accompanied Premier Wen Jiabao to visit the Changhong Science & Technology Showroom and production lines. During the visit, Premier Wen gave abundant affirmation to Changhong's reform and development, showed great interest in Changhong's Internet TV、HDTV、Cartoon TV、DLPTV、Trinity DVD、Playback TV、Electric Aquarium TV and etc. , and inquired the performances and market manifestation of these products. Premier Wen waved the pen to autograph for Changhong with great passion and took a group photo cordially with Changhong's new leader group and employees. Changhong has been honored as one of “the National Enterprises Observing contracts and Keeping promise” by the National Industrial and Commercial General Bureau and one of “the National Famous Brands” for years.

In Aug.2004, 41 enterprises including Changhong were honored as “Enterprises Observing Contracts and Keeping promise” by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Sichuan Province again. Meanwhile, after the strict check, the trademark of Changhong was honored as the Famous Trademark of Sichuan Province again. Sincerity Changhong was admitted by consumers、authoritative organizations and various circles of society. During the same period, Changhong battery was honored as one of “the 10 top Brands” in the National Quality Notarizing for Environment-friendly Battery by the Guarantee Centre of Light Product Quality in China.

In Aug.2004, customers from Singapore placed large orders on Changhong battery. So far, Changhong power products have passed the International Approvals of KS of S.Korea' and Civil aviation's seaworthiness and etc. Changhong products' excellent quality and good service got favorable comments from global users and distributors.

In Aug.2, 2004, an agreement of strategic cooperation was reached between Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Co.,Ltd and Sichuan Jiu Zhou Electric Apparatus Group Co.,Ltd. According to the agreement, both parties would strengthen cooperation on the development of the military products and the digital network products and develop both the markets of military-use products and civil-use products together. Meanwhile, both parties would look forward to an even closer cooperation relationship in the fields of operation management、purchase of goods and materials 、production resources、technology development、marketing network and capital operation and etc.

On July.22, 2004, headed by the President and CEO He Hengchun, a senior Taiwan Sampo delegation paid a visit to Changhong. President Zhao Yong、Chairman Wang Fengchao and Vice-chairman Zheng Guangqing met the delegation. The senior delegations of both parties had a deeper discussion in the field of the domestic and overseas market and the related technology. Both expressed they would strengthen various kinds of cooperation.

On July.17, 2004,the first Vice-premier of Thailand 差瓦 paid a visit to Changhong. They received warm welcome from President Zhao Yong and Chairman Wang Fengchao. President. Zhao and Chairman Wang also accompanied the guest to visit the production lines of CTV、Air-conditioner and Chassis and the Changhong Science & Technology Museum. The Vice-premier thought highly of Changhong as a great company. President Zhao Yong and Mr. Vice-Premier attended the signature ceremony of “the Framework Agreement of Cooperation between Sichuan Changhong--- the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand”. President Zhao on behalf of Changhong donated a batch of digital color TVs and High clear rear-projection TVs to the coming guest.

On July.17, 2004, the adjustment of the new leader group finished. Due to the problem of age, Ni Rufeng would not serve as the positions of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp and Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Instead, he was appointed as the consultant of the Sichuan provincial government. According to the resolution of the Provincial Party committee of Sichuan Province and Sichuan provincial Government, Changhong re-organized the new Board of Directors of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp. Zhao Yong would serve as the Director、President、Chairman and Vice secretary of the Sichuan Changhong Electric Electron Group Corp. Wang Fengchao would serve as the Vice-President of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Co.,Ltd. and Chairman of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd.. Liu Tibin would serve as the Vice-president and Secretary of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp and Managing Vice president of the Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd.. Yang Xuejun would serve as the managing deputy secretary of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp.

On June.30, 2004, the summit of great attraction between Changhong President Ni Runfeng and Microsoft President Bill Gates was held in Beijing International Club. This was the first cooperation between hardware giant and the software giant. It was of great importance to the development of the global Information Industry in the future.

On June.28, 2004, WBL(the world brand laboratory) and WEF( the world economic forum) jointly organized and released the China's Top 500 Brands. With a brand value of RMB 33.073 billion Yuan, Changhong ranked No.3 among the domestic home appliance companies. Compared with the brand value of RMB 26.706 billion, the brand value of Changhong has increased so rapidly that it has become the model of the most rapid-increasing one in the domestic home appliance industry.

On June.27, 2004, President Ni Runfeng on behalf of Changhong and, Microsoft Vice-president and CEO in Great China Chen Yongzheng on behalf of Microsoft signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Changhong and Microsoft at Jin Jiang hotel.

On June.11, 2004, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the National chairman of CPPCC Jia qinglin paid a visit to Changhong. Jia hoped that Changhong would face the market in a deeper step and open the diverse overseas market.

On June.8, 2004, President Ni was honored as “One of the Influence Power Personages of New Consumption”.

On June.7, 2004, Canadian consul general to Guangzhou Zhan Minghun paid a visit to Changhong and warmly invited Changhong to open the North American market.

On June.4, 2004, Vice-minister of Department of Commerce Gao Hucheng thought highly of Changhong's self innovation competence and the global strategy of taking the initiative in competition in the global market.

On June.1, 2004, Changhong donated a batch of latest digital cartoon TVs to the children of Sichuan Province, which embodied Changhong's long advocating excellent spirits--- Reciprocating the society and Being enthusiastic public services.

In June.2004, the Organizing Committee of 2004 China International Consumer Electronics Fair and Pale Advisory organization published the 2004 Billboard for the most influential 50 among the domestic and the overseas home appliance companies in the Chinese market. Changhong ranked No.2 and became one of the most influential companies.

On May 25,2004,Changhong DVD-TV came into the market. This Series of products include those from 14 inch to 29 inch, which symbolized that Changhong had become the most leading DVD-TV manufacturer with the most abundant production lines.

On May.28, 2004, Changhong ranked No.1 in the two indicators on the list of the top 200 companies in the volume of import value and export value announced by the National Ministry of Commerce,

On May.25, 2004, the Changhong-Fairchild Joint Laboratory was established. During the early stage of research, this Joint Laboratory would place emphasis on the green power technology and development of products. This Joint laboratory would become the second one to take on the subject of R & D research after Changhong-Sanken Joint Laboratory.

On May.18, 2004, Changhong---TI Joint Laboratory was established in order to make the new advanced color TV. During the same period, Changhong DLP TVs came into market as a masterpiece of this laboratory.

In May.2004, Changhong was honored as one of the advanced units of the Chinese Bar Code System of Goods by the Standardized Board of Trustee of China. During the same period, Changhong was awarded “the Excellent Prize of China's Environmental Labeling “by the Committee of Environmental Labeling of China.

In May.2004, the Chairman of China Hu jintao paid a visit to Romania with Changhong Portable DVD as national gifts. During the period of the 16th Asia International Post Exhibition, Changhong Portable DVD had ever been the first choice of national gifts.

On April .30, 2004, the signature ceremony between Changhong and Sichuan Telecom was held in the Building of Sichuan Telecom. Both parties would take advantage of their resources and have an even closer cooperation on the research and promotion of the Information Electric Home Appliances.

On April .29, 2004, Changhong DVDR-W was honored as the Brightest Star by the Organizing Committee of Mianyang Science & Technology Fair. On April .28, 2004, the third day of the 2004 China Mianyang High-Tech & Military-To-Civil Expo in China Mianyang Science and Technology City came Propaganda Day of Changhong. Journalists over 60 Medias from Beijing、Shanghai、Guangzhou、Hong Kong and Singapore attended the journalist reception of Changhong's Science & Technology Innovation Achievements.

On April .28,2004, Changhong DLP Projection TV came into the domestic and overseas market at the same day.

On April .26,2004, the Spaceflight hero Yang Liwei paid a visit to Changhong. On the same day, the initiating super slim DVD came into market.

On April .22,2004, Changhong Digital Consumer Electronics Fair was held in Chengdu. The fifteen-day Fair attracted the great attention of competitors、consumers and medias. It was reported that Changhong Digital Consumer Electronics Fair had created so many first times in the electrical home appliances industry. They were the first time of a company to hold the Fair with its own capacity, the first time to promote so many High-tech products including color TV、Projection TV、Air-conditioner and DVD, the first time of a company to propel many medias to the promotion activities.

On April 21, 2004, headed by governor Ke Saijiang, a delegation from Bureau. of Foreign Trade、Tourism、Traffic、Bank and some local companies from Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili of Xinjiang paid a visit to Changhong.

On April .11, 2004, the Jia Shen Air-conditioners with ten health technologies and nine quiet sound technologies had become the best-selling products since they came into the market.

On April 10, 2004, Li Changchun, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, inspected Changhong. He thought highly of Changhong's development and industry plan.

On April .9, 2004, the senior Vice-president of Motorola Sun Daming paid a visit to Changhong.

On April 7, 2004, the Agreement of Strategic Cooperation was reached between Changhong and Hua Run, one of the most important suppliers of air-conditioner compressors. A formal agreement of strategic alliance was reached between Changhong and Hua Run.

On April .1, 2004, a delegation of Sankt Peterburg Municipal government from Russia paid a visit to Changhong. The delegation cordially invited Changhong to garrisoned in Russia.

On April .1, 2004, Changhong Science & Technology Museum passed the Check of the National Industrial & Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site of the National Tourism Bureau.

In Apri.2004, Yunnan Hongta Art Team put on performance in Changhong.

In Mar., 2004, the statistic of National Statistics Bureau China Industry Company Information Publishing Centre from Jan. to Dec indicated that the sales of Changhong color TVs steadily ranked No.1 in the domestic market. Up to now, he market share of Changhong color TV has ranked No.1 for 14 consecutive years in the domestic market and users of Changhong color TV has exceeded 80,000,000.

On Mar.24, 2004, Customs General Administration People's Republic of China released the Red List of the first Import & Export firms. Among the 224,000 firms registered in the Customs General Administration, 69 companies including Changhong of Observing disciplines and obeying laws were admitted to list in the Red List. And Changhong became the only domestic color TV manufacturer to be admitted in the Sincere Honor List.

On Mar.5, 2004, a ZhongYongTongtai Consumer Electronics Sales Alliance delegation including Beijing Dazhong and Shanghai Yongle paid a visit to Changhong.

On Feb.20, 2004, headed by President, a senior Universal delegation paid a visit to Changhong. They thought highly of Changhong' large-scale production capacity and technical equipments.

On Feb.17, 2004, headed by President 深田雄次, a senior Sanken delegation paid a visit to Changhong. Both parties had a deeper discussion about the cooperation in the realm of technology.

On Feb.14, 2004, Vitrial President Zhao Ruojiu paid a visit to Changhong.

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