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On Dec.27, 2006 New Products Release & National Dealers Meeting of Changhong Battery was solemnly held in Sichuan Mianyang Changhong Hotel. Nearly 80 powerful dealers throughout the country presented the meeting and signed 2006 Changhong Battery Distributor Agreements with total sales value over 200 million yuan.

On Dec.23,National S&T Policies and Technology Developments Lecture was held in Changhong Trading Center. Celebrities as Feng Jichun, General director of High and New Technology Development and Industrialization Department of Ministry of Sci-Tech of the P.R.C., Yan Xiaolang, President of Info Science and Engineering College of Zhejiang University, and Xu Zhiwei, Vice-director of Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences made special speeches.

On Dec.23, Changhong 2005 Technology Innovation Conference was solemnly opened in Mianyang. In the conference, over 60 technology innovation fruits were commended.

On Dec.22, Changhong Strategic Technology Committee composed of the company outer & inner commissioners and technology specialists were formally set up and held its first meeting. The top management Board Chairman Zhao Yong, GM Liu Tibin, VGM Zheng Guangqing, etc. presented the meeting. The committee commits itself to examine & approve enterprise innovation strategy, to make out innovation resources distribution plan, and to inspect the implement, etc.. The establishment of the committee will optimize Changhong outer & inner resources by fully bringing the collective wisdom of technology specialists into play, so as to ensure the company technology strategic decision and strengthen the company core competitiveness.

On Dec.19, in 2005 the World Executive Summit (Hong Kong) hailed as Chinese Brand Oscar, World Brand Laboratory released the 2005 Chinese Brands. And 100 top brands in China such as Changhong Electric, Air China, Bank of Communications were granted 2005 Chinese Brand Awards(NO.1).

On Dec.15, the press release conference of Changhong AC new products was held in Chengdu. It released that Changhong Eco-aircondition hailed as “air-quality expert” were put on the market throughout the country.

On Dec.14, in Changhong Vision Grand Ceremony, people witnessed the charm of the new kind of television, “TWRS”. The authoritative expert Lu Renbo of State Council Development Research Center pointed out that within the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival and even the five coming years, the television would fashion in “Thin, Wide, Refine, Sound”.

On Dec.9, Sichuan Changhong (600839) bulletined that it will set up its overseas production base in Czech Republic, an exclusively Changhong-owned enterprise namely Changhong Europe Electric S.R.O.CHANGHONG plans to invest $30 million in total for the new TV assembly plant with $9.5 million registered capital, and targets its main business focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing of consumer electronics.

On Dec.6, the First Changhong Logistic Servers Meeting was solemnly opened. Dozens of high-powered representatives of third logistic servers from COSCO Logistics, Chinatrans Logistics, etc. presented the meeting and made an intensive study of Changhong logistics reform and other related topics. Statistics shows that by the end of November of 2005 the cost of Changhong logistics totally declined more than RMB70 million.

On Nov.28, ceremonies for celebrating China Telecom-Sichuan Changhong Net Television launching the sale throughout the country were simultaneously held in Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. China Telecom and Sichuan Changhong united to promote wide-band internet business. The new kind of television functions not only a television but also “a computer” which really changes our life.

On Nov.28, Guohong Digital Communication held the first franchisers meeting in Changhong Hotel. More than 80 franchisers from the marketing areas throughout the country presented the meeting. With Changhong great technologic power, Guohong Digital Communication will produce quality goods for satisfying high-end consumer market.

On Nov.17, the first China IT Industry Design Match was rung down the curtain in Beijing. Changhong F19 series Panel TV caught the eyeballs and won the China 2005 IT Industry Design Award.

On Nov.16, the list of 2005 China Best Brand Leaders was released in the 2005 China Best Brand Leaders Conference sponsored by Peking University Chinese Brand Research Center. Board Chairman Zhao Yong of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp rolled into the first three.

On Nov.15, vice major of the Hefei Municipality Zhu Ning, board chairman of Sichuan Changhong Zhao Yong and board chairman of Meiling Group Wang Jiazhang signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hefei Daoxianglou Hotel.

On Nor.13, China IT Fortune (CEO) Annual Meeting and China CIO Annual Meeting of Computer World 2005 were held in Beijing. In succession to 2004, Changhong Zarva was once again honorably awarded with IT Innovation Enterprise Award. Recently, according to the monthly supervisory information of authorities such as Zhongyikang, in October of 2005, Changhong Panel TV sales in domestic market maintain an strong growth with total market share near to 13 per cent. Same as in CRT TV and Projection TV, Changhong becomes the leading again in Panel TV.

On Nov.12, the cut-the-ribbon ceremony was held in Changhong Mianyang Flag Shop for celebrating the first lot of Changhong 3C television, the first style in the world launched for market. The come-out of the type of such television symbolized Changhong 3C products measure up to the advanced world standards.

On Nov.11, in the banqueting hall of Shangri-La Hotel Beijing, Changhong Zarva, a domestic famous enterprise and international IT magnates AMD and Microsoft held a press conference named “Harmonize, Initiate, Dream-Changhong Digital King into the Market”. This new kind of product is the first market-oriented and widely applicable 3C product, an amusement center in the living room. Now the former conceptional 3C harmonized products really step into normal families marked the application of domestic digital home appliances technology up to a new height.

On Nov.9, Sichuan Changhong released in a statement that it had signed a deal with Guangdong Greencool Enterprise Development Co. on Nov.6 to buy from the latter a 20.03% stake in Hefei-based Meiling.

On Nov.9, a group led by GM Wang Xiaochu of China Telecom visited Changhong. Changhong Board chairman Zhao Yong, GM Liu Tibin and Vice GM Wu Yingjian friendly met with the guests. Both parties agreed that both should cooperate and make a great effort to promote both business and operation.

On Nov.3, in the 2005 China International Wide Screen Projection Display Industry Forum, Changhong self R&D LCD TV of 19th and 20th series and Panel TV of 18th and 16th series won the innovation prize of Chinese Digital Television Industry.

On Oct.28, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. and Alcatel Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding in Chengdu for a strategic cooperation in the information household appliances industry, especially the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services. The two companies will jointly develop customized IPTV set-top boxes for China Telecom.

On Oct.26, a ceremony was held in Chengdu Jinjiang Hotel for celebrating Changhong winning the Certificate for Changhong Television Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection. Changhong is the only one home appliances enterprise qualified for such certificate for Projection TV. Thus, Changhong CRT TV and Projection TV are thoroughly on the “export green path”.

On Oct.22, Sichuan Changhong released its third-quarter report. The data shows that within the third-quarter of 2005, the main business earnings reached 3.016 billion yuan, 17.27 percent rise compared with the same period last year; and total profit increased 178.63% to 49.38 million yuan. From January to September, the main business earnings rose 32.35 per cent to 10.24 billion yuan, and net profit 220.07% to 265 million yuan.

On Oct.19, a new conference of Changhong Cup 2005 National Undergraduates Innovation Design Match was held in Beijing. This match titled “Feeling, Fantasy, Future” aims at establishing a platform for domestic industry talents, so as to promote the whole level of China industry design.

On Oct.18, in CECP 2005 Annual Meeting, Changhong was honorably awarded with Energy Conservation Prize. (CECP, China Certification Center for Energy Conservation Product which belongs to China National Institute of Standardization)

On Oct.17, early in the morning, while the Shenzhou VI landed smoothly and successfully, the family of veteran fighter pilot Col. Fei Junlong was suddenly into an uproar and a hurricane of applause rose. Gathered before the Changhong 43 inch Projection TV respectfully presented to Fei’s parents by Changhong and Modern Times, hero’s relatives fell into each other’s arms excitedly.

From Oct.13 to 16, on Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2005 Autumn Edition, Chinese home appliance enterprises represented by Changhong highlighted in its new image and advanced products.

On Oct.12, the 7th China Hi-Tech Fair for 6 days was opened in Shenzhen. As a magnate of world consumer electronics, Changhong 3C products became the eyeball-catch.

On Oct.12, a group of people led by Mr.Robert Manning, president of UK Trade & Investment China paid a visit to Changhong. Mr.Zhao Yong, chairman of the board of Changhong extended a warm welcome to guests. Both sides made an in-depth discussion on cooperation.

On Oct.1, Chanhgong started up Changhong 3C Products Show in Beijing Dazhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Zhongta Store. Board Chairman of Changhong Zhao Yong and Board Chairman of Dazhong Zhang Dazhong presented the ceremony, as well as the first industrial 3C team-Changhong 3C best brains.

On Sep.26, the China Export & Credit Insurance Company (Sinosure) signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd..

On Sep.23, Changhong Mobile License GSM and CDMA got the approval of State Development and Reform Commission.

On Sep.18, a group of people led by Petr Kellner,Board Chairman of Czechic PPF reached Changhong by special plane for a visit. The visitors received a warm welcoming from Changhong leaders board chairman Zhao Yong, general manager Liu Tibin, and both parties made a discuss about concerned topics.

On Sep.10, after Changhong ranking in the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands, Changhong’s panel TV (LT4219B) of F series was honored with Best Buy Award by the authoritative magazine Customer Electronics Review.

On Sep.6, the opening ceremony of the 17th West China Commodities Fair titled “Cooperation, Communication, Development, Mutual-Benefit” was held in Mianyang. Changhong with its brilliant and healthy company image became an eye-catching star in the fair.

On Sep.5, an announcement of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd.claimed that due to job transfer, the Board of Directors agreed Wang Fengchao quitted his position as member and vice chairman of board of directors, and general manager of the company. And nominated by Zhao Yong, chairman of board of directors, Liu Tibin, vice chairman of board of directors is appointed general manager.

On Sep.1, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China granted Changhong mercury-free alkaline battery the honorable title of 2005 China Top Brand.

On Aug.28 in Bali, Indonesia, Sichuan Changhong held a two-day franchisers’symposium titled “Innovation, Mutual-Benefit, Development”, aiming to formulate a more effective marketing strategy, strengthening international competitiveness and initiating new pattern of co-operations between Changhong and its distributors.

On Aug.27, the 3rd China Reform Forum & Innovative Men Awards was solemnly held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. In the grand ceremony, Zhao Yong, Board Chairman of Changhong was elected one of the Top 10 Most Influential Innovative Men.

On Aug.27, the selection of China Outstanding Marketing Award of the year of 2004-2005 conducted by Economic Observer and Hong Kong management Association was announced in Shanghai. Changhong “Senses Revolution” shining in the over 200 successful marketing cases in the whole country won the excellent prize. Changhong is the only one acquiring the extraordinary prestige in Chinese home appliance enterprises.

On Aug.25, Changhong Digital Dealer’s Meeting of China,2005 was held in Zhuhai. Over 300 attendees from domestic sales agents, partners, media gathered to discuss the topic “Credibility, Cooperation, Development, Mutual-Benefit”.

On Aug.18, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. posted 2005 Semiannual Report. It released the first-half net income increased 231.35% to 216 million yuan, the total profit 200.87% to 230M yuan, and main business earnings 39.86% to 7.221 billion yuan. Therein, the television share were up 21.15% to 4.725B yuan, the air-conditioner share surged to 1.213B yuan on 99.24% and IT products sales reached 808 million yuan. In such a situation of the slowed-down development of Chinese electric industry, Changhong became the highlight within the China Top 100 Electrics.

On Aug.15, the magnificent ceremony for celebrating Changhong boosting sales of air-conditioners was held in Changhong Trading Center. The management as chairman of the Board Zhao Yong, general manager Wang Fengchao and secretary of the Party Committee presented it. Till July 31, Changhong have sold 1.58 million units of air-conditioners home and abroad, ranking the first in the Second Group Army of air-conditioner industry. On the basis of only 600,000 units in 2004, Changhong got a sharp rise in sales of air-conditioners.

On Aug.13 in the second meeting of Changhong Industrial design committee, Gordon Bruce, a well-known industrial designer, Prof.Xiaobo Lu of Tsinghua University and Prof.Renke Hu of Hunan University were formally joining Changhong, serving as industrial design consultants. According to the Insider, CHANGHONG invited three celebrities of industry design with different backgrounds, which will set off “a cerebral storm” in Chinese home appliance industry design.

On Aug.6, the World Brand Lab(“WBL”) released China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands. With RMB39.861 billion brand value Changhong rank the second in the household appliances brands. Compared with value RMB33.073 billion of 2004, an increase of 20.52% hit a new high in home appliance brands value increase.

On Aug.2 in the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing, Changhong Zarva Information Products Co.,Ltd.(for “Changhong IT”) and Sony China held a press conference titled “Hand-in-Hand, Mutual-Benefit, Create a New Vision”. It released Changhong IT is the general agent of Sony China projector products (two styles) and both companies will start all-directional strategic cooperation, such as products, channels.

On Aug.1, Sichuan Provincial Industry and Commerce Administrative Bureau nominated Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. as the provincial enterprise abiding by the contract and honoring cridibility. Changhong have won the honorable title for 14 years on end since 1990.

On Jul.26 during the Second Pan-PRD Regional Cooperation & Development Forum and the Second Pan-PRD Economic & Trade Cooperation Fair, China Technology City----Mianyang Changhong Auxiliary Industrial Projects Recommendation was held in Chnengdu. Over 50 keystone enterprises from Pan-PRD region including Hong Kong and Macao presented the recommendation meeting. In the meeting vice general manager of Changhong made a speech about the development strategy of future Changhong and leaders of Mianyang municipality recommended Changhong auxiliary industrial park to the merchants.

On Jul.19, for it panel television CHD-TD270F8 with stylish lines, innovative materials and framework, following winning the iF design award.CHINA 2004 Changhong once again received the award in the third iF design award.CHINA.

On Jul.15, Changhong furnished one million RMB for grant-aiding 2005 Sichuan Changhong Poor Undergraduates. And on Aug.20, the granting ceremony was opened in the culture plaza in Mianyang. General manager of Changhong Wang Fengchao and vice general manager Wu Jiang granted the stipend embodied love of over 30 thousand Changhong staff to 650 poor undergraduates who are in instant need of help.

From Jul.1 to 4, in 2005 SINOCES Qingdao CHANGHONG exhibited a new model of 32 inch LCD TV incorporated in several functions as television, computer display and picture-phone. Such 3C video product is the first in China, which became the greatest brilliant point in the color TVs expo.

On Jun.30,Sichuan Panovasic Technology Co.,Ltd. contributively organized by Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. was formally established in Chengdu High & New Technology Zone. Following Guohong Communication, Changhong Information, Changhong Zarva, Changhong cultivated a new profit engine in developing new industries. A group of doctors returning from American Silicon Valley became the key team of Panovasic. The new company will emphasize in R&D, marketing and service of IC and software relating to computer, communication and home appliances.

On Jun.29, the shareholders meeting of the year of 2004 of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,Ltd. was opened. Reports and counterplans as the Board of Directors Work Report of 2004, the Board of Supervisors Work Report of 2004, the 2004 Final Accounts and 2005 Budget Report, the Counterplan on the nominated candidates of the 6th Board of Directors were heard, discussed and overpassed.

On Jun.28, the second staff and workers representative congress of Sichuan Changhong Electron Group Corp. was solemnly opened. In the congress 27 members of labor union of the new term and 7 jurors of economic audit committee were voted.

On Jun.28, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the “Rainbow Garden” housing construction built with funds pooled by Changhong staff was held in Science and Technology Innovation Zone of Mianyang. Leaders from Mianyang municipality and units as construction committee, electricity bureau and Changhong management as general manager Wang Fengchao, secretary of the Party Committee Liu Tibin and deputy secretary of the Standing Committee Yang Xuejun presented the ceremony.

On Jun.19, chairman of the Board Zhao Yong made his first step of “a market-oriented long march of ten thousand li”. More than 20 days, a group of people led by chairman of the board Zhao Yong passed Sichuan – Guizhou – Hunan – Hubei – Anhui – Jiangshu – Henan – Hebei – Beijing and so on, visited customers of over 150 basic markets. Zhao Yong introduced pithy and original analysis and ideas on strengthening development and management of basic markets and gave precious advice and opinion about marketing.

On Jun.17, Luo Gan,member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Politics and Law Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, accompanied by chairman of the Board Zhao Yong, general manager Wang Fengchao, secretary of the Party Committee Liu Tibin and other leaders, visited Changhong Science and Technology Museum and got to know the present production operation and technology innovation of the company.

On Jun.16 in the National Congress of Electromechanical Products Inspection and Supervision Changhong was publicized the export-oriented enterprise of the first class.

On Jun.8,accordting to the public-opinion poll conducted by over 130 authoritative media such as People’s Daily, Chinese Quality and Brand, www.peopledaily.com.cn, www.xinhuanet.com, Changhong Air-conditioner was hailed as Chinese Consumers-Favored Top 10 Brands of the year of 2005.

On Jun.3, a signing & unveiling ceremony was held in Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China for celebrating the establishment of Changhong&UESTC United Lab of IC Design.

On Jun.2, a cut-the-ribbon ceremony was held in Sichuan Changhong for celebrating the establishing of the biggest panel production line and the commencing of its mass production. Enjoying the independent intellectual property,Sichuan Changhong research and develop 55〃LCD and 65〃PDP TV,the made-in-China biggest panel televisions, and successfully realize mass production.

On May 25, Sichuan Changhong and Shanda Networking signed a strategic cooperation agreement aiming to establish the new type of home entertainment center. This agreement shows Changhong’s overall cooperation with interactive entertainment content supplier in domestic market, another breakthrough of Changhong marching into 3C, which further sublimated Changhong idea “Customer Happiness Creation”.

On May 26, Changhong and Pangang signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chengdu, which symbolized a substantial step of cooperation between the biggest steel enterprise in West China and the Chinese Home Appliances magnate. According to the agreement, the parties will cooperate in all directions such as exchange visits of top leaders, collaboration of technology and materials strategies, and extension of brand marketing.

On May 23, Changhong made its first appearance of new products harmonized 3C industries as IT, communication and network in the 8th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. Cooperating with China Telecom, Changhong produced “CHANGHONG HORIZON”SHIJITONG LCD TV and brought out it in the expo. The exhibit is the first high-tech information product harmonized 3C which made a deep impression on visitors.

On May 24, the governor of Central Czech of the Czech Republic and CEO of PPF visited Changhong. Chairman Zhao Yong and other leaders met visitors in the Changhong trade center. The Central Czech governor heartedly invited Changhong to invest in Central Czech, and sincerely expressed kind promise that they will give prior consideration and support to Changhong in many aspects such as auxiliary resources, transportation, and investment policies.

On May 20, a magnificent ceremony was held in Sichuan Changhong for celebrating the resistration of Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Ltd.,Co..Chaireman Zhao Yong remarked that the establishment is a milestone in Changhong’s history, the spearhead of reform of Changhong management systems and operating mechanisms.

On May 11 to 14, CeBIT Asia was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Changhong products such as digital HD TV adopted ultrathin picture tube technology become high lights in this expo. Once again the world get to know more about new Changhong.

On Apr.25, the financial director of the Czech Republic’s largest financial conglomerate PPF, Mr.Kamil Zickler led a group to visit Changhong, and received a warm welcome from Changhong President Mr.Zhao Yong, General Manager Mr.Wang Fengchao and main principals of involve departments. Changhong made a deep impression on PPF representatives, and Mr.Kamil Zickler expressed his hope of partnership with Changhong and further win-to-win cooperation.

In April, China Quality Inspection Administration carried out spot check on national battery products. With excellent quality, Changhong battery products enrolled in the honor board.

On Apr.27, according to the votes of consumers and experts, CCTV released the result of “Brand in China,My Favorite Chinese Brand”. With comparable advantages, Sichuan Changhong was awarded the title.

On Apr.25, a group led by Vice President of the Republic Peru David Waisman and ex-vice president Maximo San Roman visited Changhong. Vice president David Waisman cheerfully wrote down on the visitors’book that Changhong high technologies and Changhong people’s dedicated spirit impressed him pleasantly, however, just because of such dendeavor, Changhong can achieve great development and accomplishment.

On Apr.24, president&chief editor of Macao Daily Li Pengzhu led a delegation of Macao Chinese Media top representatives paid a visit to Changhong.

On Apr.20, Microsoft Senior Vice President&Chief Technical Officer Craig Mundie accompanied by senior management in Microsoft China Chen Yongzheng, Zhang Ruichang, Shen Xiangyang, Chen Qinzhan and Kong Dayong came to Changhong. Changhong had a friendly talk with guests and both parties came up with a consensus on cooperation.

On Apr.18, WBL (World Brand Laboratory) released The World's 500 Most Influential Brands for the year 2005, in which brands made-in-China such as CHANGHONG was listed.

On Mar.28, China Science City & Electronic Information Industry Investment Cooperation Conference was held in Mianyang, Sichuan Province. China senior officers, domestic and foreign experts and scholars, representatives of the World Top 500 multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Intel, Motorola, and presidents of domestic large enterprises gathered Changhong Trade Center for issuing the summit “2005.Science City. Changhong-Synchronized with the World”. Changhong Chairman Zhao Yong made a speech, thoroughly expanding the strategic thinking of Changhong development and sincerely expressing the wish of seeking cooperation with giant companies home and aboard. During the summit, joint venture Guohong Digital Communication Ltd.,Co. and Changhong Information Technology Ltd.,Co. were established. Following the successful operation of Changhong ZARVA IT Company, Changhong once again made a huge investment in communication field harmonizing 3C aiming to change Changhong to an information home appliances enterprise.

On Mar.19, a signing ceremony & press conference in Changhong Air-Conditional Company, AVIVA-COFCO Life Insurance Co.,Ltd. and PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited was held in Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Chengdu, Sichuan. This cooperation was designed to bring out the development strategy of new products, and to compose the united marketing mode. Such cooperation between different industries as Changhong Air-Conditioner and insurance agents is more than an innovation of Changhong air-conditioner marketing strategy; it exemplifies Changhong’s customer-centered approach.

On Mar.3, a delegation headed by Samsung SDI CEO Kim Soon Taek paid a visit to Changhong. The guests received a warm welcome from Changhong Chairman Zhao Yong and General Manager Wang Fengchao. During the conference, two parties carried out an in-depth investigation and communication on long-term strategic cooperation and came up with a consensus on the cooperation projects of the coming year. At the invitation of Chairman Zhao Yong, Mr.Kim Soon Taek made a speech with passion for sharing Samsung successful reform experience in “New Management Movement”.

In March, NIEC, the National Informatization Evaluation Center of China conducted the survey of IPOWER500 for the year 2004. Changhong was honored in the front ranks. With implement of Changhong PP & CO and the popularization of ERP, Changhong basic management level got continuous promotion. A modernized, scientific and international management will accelerate Changhong development.

On Feb.21, Changhong Central AC Company signed a sales contract for the first time with Italian Schcape Company. It marks a new stage of Changhong central AC advancing to European mainstream market.

In the middle of January, Changhong was awarded “China Top 100 Most Valuable Brands”, “Top 12 Influential Brands”, “China Top 10 Most Influential Brands”, etc. by authorities such as China Enterprise Culture Improvement Association, China Culture Daily, Chinese Brands Management & Research Association and Management Case Center of Peking University.

On Jan.6, Changhong at its fifth time appeared in CES (the International Consumer Electronics Show held in America, which is hailed as an Olympic event in global consumer electronics field). Changhong’s series of digital HD products such as LCD TV, PDP and Digital DVD TV attracted a great deal of visitors. With an endless stream of foreign merchants coming to its stand, Changhong became the most shining Made-in-China in Asian exhibitors.

On Jan.6, an opening ceremony was held in Mianyang High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone for celebrating the register of Mianyang Hongren Electronics Co.,Ltd composed by Changhong and Shenzhen Deren Group.

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