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Air Conditioner Industry

Changhong air conditioner entered into air conditioner area with high starting points and powerful strength during the middle period of the 1990s. From then, Changhong successively increased the investment in technological R&D. In recent years, Changhong designs and develops their new products of air conditioner based upon “Eco-friendly” and “Energy-saving”. The series of “Healthy” and “New breeze” have become the market’s favorite. Changhong adopts the leading-edge eco-friendly control technology, fuzzy control technology, intelligent control technology, digital direct-current inverter technology, super low noise technology and healthy airflow control technology. In addition, Changhong has automatic spray-paint assembles lines and the world’s leading quality inspection system. Changhong has been among the leading air conditioner manufacturers in China, and the biggest R&D team in west China, with annual production capacity of 2.8 million, including split-type, cabinet-type, window-type, household central type and ceiling type. Changhong currently supplies air conditioners to many countries and regions, including USA and European countries. Changhong air conditioner has become the first brand in Indonesian air conditioner market.

The series of window-type, cabinet-type, split-type, automobile-type, mini central-type, moving type and air freshener will be the developing direction of Changhong’ space circumstance industry.

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